Naming conventions:
Thais generally follow Western naming conventions of a given name followed by a family name. However, unlike in most Western countries, Thais almost never address each other using their last names, and first names are generally used even in the most formal situations.

Thais are a polite people and while remarkably tolerant of foreigners gallivanting on their beaches and with their women, you will find that you will get more respect if you in turn treat them and their customs with respect.

The Wai:
The traditional greeting known as the Wai, where you press your hands together as is in prayer and bow slightly, is derived from the Hindu cultural influence from India, and still widely practised. Among Thais, There are strict rules of hierarchy that dictate how and when the Wai should be given. In brief, inferiors salute superiors first. You should not Wai service people or street vendors. The higher your hands go, the more respectcul you are. You will also often see Thais doing a Wai as they walk past temples and spirit houses. As a foreign visitor, you are not expected to know how to Wai, nor to reciprocate when Wai should to while you ‘re unlikely to cause offense if you do, you may will look slightly strange. If somebody makes a Wai to you, a slight bow alone is more than sufficient for ordinary occasions, and for business, most Thais will shake hands with foreigners instead of Waiing anyway.

that’s for today and I will give you more about Thailand as soon as I have time.
TheAey, Feb14, 2016

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